Each painting in the “Fragmented” series combines images of various locations in America and Asia which have personal meaning. I am interested in how multiple landscapes with shifting scale and color can be ambiguous and yet soothing; evoking solitude, serenity, and a reverence for wilderness in it's primal state; rocks, trees, water; the patterns in nature and it's underlying math and geometry. Using a SLR digital camera to photograph landscapes, I alter the computer images, manipulating composition, color, and scale. Projected images are painted onto a rectilinear canvas in a photorealistic style, referencing order and tradition. Veils of color or abstract shapes may be incorporated, symbolizing fog, time of day, or mood. Grounded by process but guided by intuition, I juxtapose scenes and individual objects, and distort scale or shape to suggest a chaotic world in constant flux. In doing so , my intention is to suggest that reality, or our perception of it, consists of many contingencies.